Monday, January 02, 2006

The Reaction 2006

The Return of The Reaction

It seems like an entire epoch has passed in the fast-paced world of the blogosphere since I last posted on December 27. I was away on vacation in Prince Edward Island from the 27th to the 1st and have spent the better part of the past day or so getting back to "real" life in Toronto. A laptop with dial-up service was available to me in P.E.I., but I decided not even to go near it -- and, to be honest (not that I ever lie to you here!), it was a pleasure to take a few days off from the strain of blogging. Not that blogging is without its pleasure. I do it voluntarily, of course, and I enjoy it a great deal. But I run this site on my own and, as you all know, I do most of the posting. On top of a regular job with the Government of Ontario and my continued studies at the University of Toronto. So I took these past several days to spend time with my family, to enjoy the quiet, slow-paced pleasures of life in P.E.I., and to refresh myself for what I hope is a happy and successful year of blogging in 2006.

So the regular posting will start up again this evening and continue much as it has since The Reaction was founded in late-March of last year. I'll do most of the posting, but my co-bloggers will contribute now and then, and I may even invite a few more co-bloggers on board and to ask a few guest bloggers to write special posts. As usual, there will be a lot to read -- commentary and analysis on a variety of topics both political and non-political, plus round-ups of reaction to major stories from around the blogosphere, plus tons of links to everything from major news outlets like The New York Times and the BBC to major blogs like Daily Kos and Andrew Sullivan to all the blogs on my blogroll, big and small alike, the best voices from across the spectrum.

So keep coming back and check in often. There will be days with only two or three posts, but then there will be days with eight or nine posts. Much of the focus this year will likely be on the U.S., given the ongoing situation in Iraq and the midterm elections in November, but I'll also continue to write extensively about Canada and to provide a good deal of foreign (that is, from my perspective, non-American, non-Canadian) content. And I invite you to comment on my posts and to engage both with me and with one another. I've learned much from other bloggers during my short time as a blogger, but I've also learned much from my readers in the comments sections and in e-mails. Whether you agree with me on a specific issue or not, it's great to hear from you and I try to respond to each and every comment and e-mail.

I hope you've all had a wonderful holiday season, and I wish you all the best in 2006.

And now: Back to The Reaction.

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