Friday, December 09, 2005

Sign of the Apocalypse #27: Mariah Carey's Grammy groundswell

Look, the Grammy Awards are a joke. We all know that. Homer and the Be Sharps won one, but no one really cared. So should we care now? No, but it's tough not to think of the latest nominations -- some of them, anyway -- as glaring, flashing, screaming Signs of the Apocalypse.

Specifically, Mariah Carey, who now insists on calling herself "Mimi," has been nominated for eight -- count' em, 8 -- awards, including album of the year.

Other Signs:

Kanye West also received eight nominations, Beyonce received six, and Gwen Stefani received a nomination for album of the year.

Sure, Coldplay, the Boss, and other worthy singers, songwriters, and groups were nominated for this or that award, but the Grammys continue to prove that they're anything but a true barometer of musical excellence.

(Mariah Carey is also SOTA #11.)

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