Friday, December 16, 2005


Wampum, a great blog in its own right, has opened up nominations for the 2005 Koufax Awards. In an act of narcissism, I've already nominated The Reaction for:

  • Best New Blog;
  • Best Writing;
  • Most Deserving of Wider Recognition; and
  • Best Series (for Signs of the Apocalypse -- see right sidebar).
If you like The Reaction, please click here and nominate it in one or more categories (scroll down to the comments section) -- these four seem to be the most appropriate; if you like a specific post, then go for Best Post, too. There are some incredible liberal blogs out there, and I certainly don't expect to win anything (nor even to be a finalist for anything), but I thought it worthwhile to dispense with humility for a moment and to give it a shot.

Why not? Again, click here. The more nominations the better.

And, of course, I'll also be nominating my own favourite blogs in various categories, including (but certainly not limited to) Political Animal, The Carpetbagger Report, The Washington Note, Informed Comment, Echidne of the Snakes, Demagogue, Crooks and Liars, The Left Coaster, War and Piece, Hullabaloo, The Sideshow, Iddybud, The Anonymous Liberal, Alternate Brain, Pam's House Blend, The Heretik, The Decembrist, Ezra Klein, Bradford Plumer, Majikthise, and Preemptive Karma -- well, check out my "Liberals" blogroll -- they're all good.

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