Sunday, October 02, 2005

The White House and The Plame Game

Were Bush and Cheney involved in the Plame leak? George Stephanopoulos thinks so, as reported here by Think Progress. For more, see Joe Gandelman's post at The Moderate Voice, which includes a list of blogs that have commented on the story. Crooks and Liars has the Stephanopoulos video here (scroll down).

For more on Judy Miller (to whom the leak was leaked) and her relationship to her newspaper, The New York Times, see Jay Rosen at PressThink: "It’s kind of staggering, the way she has hijacked the institution by staging an “epic collision” between herself and the state... By choosing confrontation when she didn't have to, and by going to jail in circumstances that allowed for other, subtler options (good enough for her peers but not for her) Judy Miller has made a great newspaper’s history for it." (Read the whole post. It's excellent.) In other words, she ain't no martyr for journalism. An egomaniac maybe, but no martyr.

For some background, see Michael Isikoff's latest piece at Newsweek.

Obviously, there's a lot more we need to know.

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