Friday, October 21, 2005

DeLay in court -- justice vs. partisanship

Is he praying or urinating? Or it is just his corrupt little life flashing before his eyes?

The Times has the latest here: "The judge in the case, Bob Perkins, said he was holding the case up temporarily in light of a defense motion demanding he recuse himself because he was a Democrat who had made recent donations to the Democratic Party and to Democratic candidates."

But Think Progress is reporting that DeLay's lawyer, Dick DeGuerin, has lied about, one of the groups to which Perkins has donated.

The Carpetbagger Report: "DeLay's team seems intent on finding as Republican a setting as humanly possible. In addition to wanting a new judge, DeLay's lawyers are asking to have the case moved out of Austin, because they believe the city is home to too many liberals. I guess the poor guy isn't very confident in the merit of his defense." Obviously not. Perhaps only mindless partisans would exonerate him. Maybe Saddam should only be tried by a jury of fellow Baathists.

The Stakeholder: "Obviously, only a Republican judge -- of the party where blind loyalty is the only remaining principle -- can hear the case fairly and objectively."

Fellow Tufts grad Majikthise is leading the way with her "perp walk" watch (including some great photos). Scroll down for all her recent posts.

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