Saturday, October 15, 2005

Dear Zarqawi, love Zawahiri

And here's Juan Cole, author of the excellent blog Informed Comment (probably the best blog on the Middle East -- academically sound and usually right on the mark), commenting on the letter allegedly from Zawahiri (al Qaeda's #2) to Zarqawi (al Qaeda's #1 in Iraq and the cause of much trouble).

The letter may be a forgery, perhaps even a Shiite one.

At Slate, Fred Kaplan points to "
the possibility that a Yes vote on Iraq's constitution this weekend might mark a small step toward a stable, somewhat democratic government after all." But here's the key: "The result to watch is not only whether the constitution passes or fails, but even more whether the Sunnis turn out to vote—and then, in the next few months, what the Shiites and Kurds do in response."

The Times has a preliminary report here. What an incredible, incredible story.

Whatever our positions on the war, we should all be hoping that this works out for the good of Iraq and for all Iraqis.

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