Wednesday, October 05, 2005

The blame game board game

Bill Christofferson -- "recovered" journalist, Democratic strategist/consultant, and author of The Xoff Files blog (at, a Wisconsin politics site) -- sent me an e-mail today that deserves mention. Mr. Christofferson is the co-creator of a new board game called The Blame Game. Here's how he puts it at his blog: "It is called 'The Blame Game,' and the object is to get out of New Orleans -- but there is no way out on the board, as players encounter the same problems the city’s residents did before, during, and after the hurricane." All proceeds will "benefit victims of the hurricane".

Check out his post for more information. See here for a column in the Austin American-Statesman about the game.

It's a sensitive topic, to be sure, but sometimes satire is the best weapon of all.

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