Sunday, August 21, 2005

Intelligent design, unintelligent Frist

Senate Majority Leader Bill Frist, who "diagnosed" Terri Schiavo by videotape and later flip-flopped on stem-cell research, has defended the teaching of so-called "intelligent design" alongside evolution. Donklephant has the story, and the links, here.

Two questions:

1) What does Frist's continuing inanity (stem-cell flip-flop notwithstanding) say about Harvard Medical School? Is he, a graduate of that illustrious institution, just an anomaly?

2) How does "intelligent design" account for Frist himself? How is he, one of America's leading political figures, a product of some omniscient prime mover? While we're at it, how is he even a product of Darwinian evolution?

Answers to any and all of the above would be much appreciated.

(See here for a good article on the evolution/ID debate. Needless to say, I side with the Darwinians on this one, though I acknowledge that the theory of evolution doesn't provide all the answers -- it's a scientific theory, after all, not some convenient belief dreamed up as a euphemism for creationism!)

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