Sunday, August 14, 2005

Designer Vaginas -- The 13th Sign of the Apocalypse?

Now here's a sure sign that the apocalypse is fast approaching. Yesterday's Globe and Mail has a feature article about the growing practice of women having plastic surgery done to their vaginas in an attempt to improve their aesthetic appeal and to "tighten" them to enhance their own and their partners' sexual pleasure. Apparently many of these women are walking into their local cosmetic surgeon's office clutching clippings from pornographic magazines depicting the ideal vagina that they would like to have, and some girls as young as fifteen are coming in with their mothers to have their vaginas altered.

Now I know that Michael has blogged about the epidemic of breast augmentation surgeries occurring these days despite the known risks posed by implants leaking, but truly that women are now feeling compelled to have the most private part of their body surgically altered, presumably to meet societal expectations of what's beautiful and what's not, is tremendously disturbing. It says something about the pervasiveness of pornography in our society and our insecurities about how we look that women today would go to such lengths to have their most intimate places "beautified." God only knows what's coming down the pipeline.

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