Saturday, August 13, 2005

Democrats, Republicans, and the NARAL controversy

And what a controversy it is. Kevin Drum compares NARAL's anti-Roberts campaign to last year's Swift Boat ads and concludes that Democrats just can't compete with Republicans on the playing field of negativity. But:

I think that playing by a higher set of standards than Republicans is in the best interests of the Democratic party in any case. Liberalism simply doesn't flourish in the climate of fear and rage that works so well for conservatives, and I think that in the long run we do ourselves a disservice when we help create a climate like that.

Which is not to say that Democrats shouldn't be vigorous and unyielding in their views. They should. They just shouldn't be dumb about it. Public support for George Bush and the Republicans may be slipping, but it would be nice if that eventually turned into active support for Democrats, rather than merely an occasional grudging vote because the other guys are worse. So far it hasn't.

Yes, how nice it would be.

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