Sunday, May 08, 2005

Bolton: Ain't got nothing if you ain't got love

My former student, friend, and fellow blogger Charles Trapunski (see link, right) chided me for not including a Michael Bolton reference in either of my two Bolton posts thus far (here and here). Well, Chas, why don't I just link to his website. That, to me, is enough of a joke. The hunger! The hunger!

Another fellow blogger, Jeremy Dibbell (see link, right), has written a couple of good posts surveying the recent news on the Bolton nomination: here and here.

Okay, Bolton's nomination isn't anything like the real "nuclear option" discussed in my previous post, but it's terribly important. In a sense, dealing with the nuclear capabilities of Iran, North Korea, and others (whether sovereign states or state-less terrorist networks) requires a U.N. ambassador who can skillfully navigate the diplomatic community. Bolton is clearly not the man for the job. John or Michael.


Open letter to J. Bolton from The Reaction (with a little help from M. Bolton):

Dear Mr. Bolton,

You don't know me, but hear me out. All the way.

This is a time for letting go, Mr. Bolton. Completely. Walk away, don't go the distance. Some of your supporters said they loved you, but they lied. And now you need to find a safe place from the storm, because a heart can only be so strong. Why me, you ask? Why am I fallin'? Well, remember that forever's just a matter of time, and that's how long you'll have to wait to be U.N. ambassador. This is the way. It's all that you deserve. So come on, Mr. Bolton, I wanna hear you say it. Simply. Slowly. Say it, Mr. Bolton: I surrender. At last.


P.S. What are you doing the rest of your life?

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