Friday, March 13, 2015

Hoping Sen. Bernie Sanders steps up

By Richard K. Barry

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders calls himself a democratic socialist, which is why he is, hands down, my favourite American politician.

Sadly, Sen. Sanders, who has been contemplating a run for the Democratic presidential nomination, has been hedging his bets recently.
Bernie Sanders hasn’t made any big hires for a potential presidential run. He doesn’t have the money he needs for a campaign and isn’t sure he can raise it. And he’s already sick of hearing about Hillary Clinton.

As Jonathan Topaz at Politico writes, "this is not a guy who's ready for 2016." And that's too bad because having someone on stage, both literally and figuratively, pushing Hillary to the left, or forcing her to admit that she is not on the left, would be helpful for the progressive cause in America.

I'm quite tired of settling for Democrats who demand our vote because their brand of status quo, establishment politics isn't quite as conservative as the GOP brand.

If I run it has to be done well,” Sanders said in an interview with POLITICO this week. “And if it’s done well, and I run a winning campaign or a strong campaign, it is a real boon to the progressive community, because I believe that the issues I talk about are issues that millions and millions of people believe in. On the other hand, if one were to run a poor campaign, didn’t have a well-funded campaign, didn’t have a good organization, did not do well, because of your own limitations, then that would be a setback for the progressive community.

No, Sanders won't win anything, but just having him in the race would do the country some good.

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