Sunday, March 23, 2014

Yes, dear reader, Hillary is running

By Richard K. Barry

Speaking at the close of the Clinton Global Initiative University conference at Arizona State University yesterday, Hillary Clinton said she is very much concerned about the direction of the country and is weighing another presidential campaign.

Last week Politico ran a story stating that it has now become a matter of accepted fact among Democratic operatives that "Hillary Clinton is freezing the Democratic 2016 field as she waits until possibly late this year to decide on another presidential run." In other words, they say that it is nearly "impossible for anyone other than Clinton to raise money or build a campaign infrastructure, the thinking goes, with Clinton hovering overhead."

Clinton's defenders, however, say that Hillary is doing them all a big favour because she is "shielding other prospective Democratic contenders from months of attacks and scrutiny they’d probably face without her in the picture."

Oh, bullshit all around. Ms. Clinton is doing what's best for Ms. Clinton, as you would expect.

The point is that Hillary is going to get in, and very likely going to be the next president unless the Republicans can figure out a way to nominate a candidate radical enough to placate the GOP base, but moderate enough to win a general election. Cold day in hell on that one. 

As for Hillary, it's way too early. Why would she declare her intentions when every story now is about how popular should would be as a candidate? The moment she says it's a go, that dynamic changes and she will have to start playing defence. Better to put that off for as long as possible. 

And other Democratic hopefuls should just put themselves back in their pockets for 2024.

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