Sunday, December 01, 2013

Listening to Now: Tegan and Sara - "Goodbye, Goodbye"

By Richard K. Barry

I 'd like to offer a disclaimer, which is that I try not to limit my musical posts to things I actually like. Mind you, I do have limits and I don't think you'll be seeing Bieber or Cyrus videos at this site any time soon. 

Still, I love music and have a natural curiosity about what other people listen to. I have a number of younger friends and like to talk music with them. I even have friends with teenage children and sometimes ask what they like.

As we know, because of the Internet and the fragmentation of music delivery systems, it isn't always easy to know what's out there. When I was a kid, if it wasn't on WABC radio in NYC and Cousin Brucie wasn't spinning it, it wasn't popular. Sure, there were always underground things going on, but you really had to be into a "scene" (if you'll forgive the dated reference) to know about it. 

Tegan and Sara, a Canadian indie rock band, composed of identical twin sisters, has been having some success lately. As I live in Toronto and as Canada is, at least by population, a fairly small place, and since I make a point of following the music industry up here, I knew about them. They also got noticed by the folk crowd here some time ago, where I used to be involved organizing festivals and conferences back in the '90s. In other words, I'd heard about them all on my own.

Under slightly different circumstances, though, I could imagine having missed them entirely. 

So, Tegan and Sara. I probably wouldn't be a fan myself, but I get it. I suspect they have a solid college age following, maybe younger. Hey, making it in the music biz. That's not easy. No slight intended. I'm sure most Tegan and Sara fans would find my Sinatra vinyl collection a big snooze.

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