Monday, April 08, 2013

Listening to Now: Cyndi Lauper/Miles Davis - "Time After Time"

By Richard K. Barry

I notice that Cyndi Lauper has a new play on Broadway, for which she wrote the words and music. It's called "Kinky Boots." According to the L.A. Times, this is what it's about:
The glitzy musical, based on a 2005 British comedy film, deals with Charlie, a young straight man whose failing shoe factory gets a boost thanks to Charlie's chance encounter with Lola, a flamboyant black drag queen who needs pumps strong enough — and big enough — for a man.

Sounds smashing.

I thought of her No. 1 hit from 1984, "Time After Time." Rolling Stone magazine puts it at No. 66 among the 100 greatest pop songs. I've always thought it was beautiful. In fact, Miles Davis did an instrumental version, very nice, which I'll post too.

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