Saturday, February 09, 2013

Condoleezza Rice: In the footsteps of Gerald Ford

By Richard K. Barry

According to Yahoo Sports, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice nailed a spectator in the forehead with an errant shot at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am tournament.
The ball smacked the female fan in the forehead, causing what was later called concussion-like symptoms and while the lady that got hit wouldn't give her name, Rice got an assistant to get her number so she could later contact her to make sure she was alright.

Speaking as an absolutely terrible golfer, I have nothing but sympathy for Ms. Rice (and her victim).  Sure, the professionals hit that stupid little white ball every day with the whole world watching. But for the rest of us, the idea of doing it not only with the cameras rolling but with throngs of people in close proximity providing fine targets, well, it's all too much.

If I had been in Condi's place, there would be bodies strewn about everywhere - no question.

Long ago, President Ford did the same thing (maybe more than once).  He thwacked some poor spectator with a golf ball, which was aired over and over again on television, giving Chevy Chase and the team at Saturday Night Live plenty of material.  In fact, Bob Hope once quipped, "It's not hard to find Jerry Ford on the golf course - you  just follow the wounded."

Oh, that Bob Hope. Like I said, I'm glad I'm not famous and no one follows me around when I'm on the links. That's good for everyone.


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