Thursday, January 03, 2013

Gov. Christie: Still making friends in the GOP

By Richard K. Barry

Gov. Chris Christie called it "disgusting" yesterday that the House adjourned without voting on a $60 billion relief package for victims of Sandy. As ABC News reported:
My bestest buddy in the
whole world
Christie, who is considered a possible Republican presidential candidate four years from now, said there was "only one group to blame, the Republican Party and Speaker Boehner."

There Christie goes again, making friends in the GOP. Of course, he was hardly alone as a slew of New York and New Jersey Republicans jumped in to blast members of their own party for their inaction. Christie called it "selfishness and duplicity" and drew attention to "the callous indifference to the people of our state."

Following Christie's press conference in which he spoke so lovingly of his political kin, representatives from New York and New Jersey announced that Speaker Boehner promised a vote on the package on Jan. 15.

Maybe Christie still considers himself a viable presidential nominee for 2016, but he certainly doesn't seem to care much about making friends in the GOP. Or perhaps he realizes that winning reelection in NJ is critical to seeking higher office, though it is unlikely he'd lose to anybody - even Bruce Springsteen. Or maybe he knows he'd never win the GOP presidential nomination so he might as well go all in in Jersey. 

Or maybe it's all just politics and nobody will care. 

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