Thursday, December 06, 2012

Hillary Watch 2016: Good poll numbers

By Richard K. Barry

(Ed. Note: Okay, it may be early to start thinking about the 2016 presidential election, or maybe it's never too early. Having said that, there is a lot of interest in almost everything the current secretary of state does, so no harm in paying attention. Not that this is an endorsement, and if others start to make moves, on either side of the aisle, we'll take note. -- RKB).

How's this for good news for Hillary Clinton should she decide to run for the top job in 2016: A new ABC/Washington Post poll finds that 57% of voters would support a presidential bid by Ms. Clinton, while only 37% would be opposed.

As for the job she is soon to leave, 69% approve of the work she has done as secretary of state, while she has an overall favorability rating of 67%.

As they say, those are some gaudy numbers. 

Obviously, this would suggest that a lot of people who voted against President Obama have something of a soft spot for Hillary Clinton, though I doubt huge numbers of bedrock Republicans would come over if she ran for the presidency. It is still an impressive point from which to start a potential campaign.

Michael and I were talking about this earlier today and speculating about what will become of the Obama campaign machine, including personnel, in 2016 and who else might run for the Democrats if Hillary does. Would anyone of significance bother, and would it be a bad thing if no one did? Parties sometime say that so-called "coronations" for presidential nominations are unhealthy, but given how badly the Republican contenders beat each other up, it may not be an awful idea for the Democrats to know who their candidate is early on. 

It may be too soon to tell, and the midterms could change the dynamic for the GOP, but I would guess that they will once again tear each other to bits on the way to the general election. Perhaps there would be some value in having a quasi-incumbent waiting for the eventual GOP nominee as the general election campaign began. 

Lots to think about. In the early going, Hillary Clinton is looking pretty strong. 

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