Thursday, November 15, 2012

A ridiculously early endorsement of Hillary Clinton

By Michael J.W. Stickings

With the BuffNews on board, nothing can stop me now!

Seriously, does The Buffalo News have nothing better to do? An endorsement for Hillary in 2016? It's a long way off -- Obama hasn't even given his Second Inaugural yet -- and she may not even run, but: 

For the country's sake, and because she clearly is the best candidate, we hope the competing factions in national Democratic politics will coalesce to make her the nominee.

Yes, so much for democracy -- you know, as it pertains to the primary system for selecting nominees. And so much for Joe Biden, Andrew Cuomo, Tim Kaine, and anyone else who might consider running. It's four years away, and a lot can happen between now and then, but the prophetic geniuses at The Buffalo News are convinced that Hillary's the way to go. How silly.

And the paper even gets in a dig at President Obama:

She would bring vastly more leadership, experience and judgment to the White House, compared with its current occupant.

Um, President Obama has been president for four years. I think he has the leadership and experience. And, you know, he just won the fucking election. Now, sure, you may quibble with his judgment, but what has he done that Hillary wouldn't have done? Not much. How stupid.

Look, I'm not anti-Hillary. I was for Obama in '08 and wasn't terribly happy about the nasty campaign she ran against him during the primaries, but I do respect and admire her, and would of course support her were she the nominee. I might even support her in the primaries. Who knows? -- I don't, because I don't know who's running yet and think that endorsing anyone now is ridiculous.

But hold on! We were on this long before yeterday. We -- or Richard, at least -- endorsed Hillary way back in April!

Take that, The Buffalo News!

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