Monday, October 22, 2012

The Benghazi Fugazi

By tmcbpatriot

Did he or didn't he? That does seem to be the question the righties are asking as they go absolutely crazy trying to find something, anything to pin on Obama with just days to go before the election. 

From the sound of it, you would think Benghazi was some monumental event that killed thousands, or maybe a story about some major terrorist leader who got away. But then those things happened on the other guy's watch, didn't they? And, if I recall, according to the right-wingers, none of it was his fault. It was all the result of bad intelligence. Yeah, that about sums it up, doesn't it?

Anyhow, the real story here is that we are close to ending this long, drawn-out election, and, let's face it, folks are tired and worn out. The right is looking for anything to blame Obama for, and up until now they've had nothing. Fast and Furious? It’s a bad movie with Vin Diesel. Birth certificate? See Donald Trump. Taking credit for killing Osama? Most of the country agrees with that assessment.

But with the election so close and the so-called "independents" now watching, politicians are more aware than ever that they need to offer these numbskulls something, anything that is easy to follow. Thing is, though, the "undecideds" do not have the mental capacity for thought on a deeper level. They cannot make up their minds after years to think about it, and no matter how you slice it Benghazi is not so simple to understand.

When the right talks about timelines and says things like, "declaring something an act of terror does not necessarily mean you are declaring it a terror attack," that just confuses these people even more.

Hell, I'm even dumbfounded by that one.

Oh, and by the way, those independents and undecideds you are expecting to connect with you on this issue? Well, remember the ones who asked questions during the second debate? They are still undecided! You think I'm kidding?

Republicans thought they had Obama after the first debate, but he came back strong and made Romney look like a petulant child. Now with the final debate tonight and it being on foreign policy, the GOP is working it to the hilt to make Benghazi the most talked about story of the week. It is their latest "worse than Watergate" moment centering on a president who is totally incompetent and of course totally, totally responsible.

But wait! (place record-scratching sound here)

Isn't this the same president who, after being president when Bin Laden and Gaddafi were killed, was said by the right to have been totally uninvolved in their deaths and totally not allowed to take credit? Isn't this the same president who loves drones and killing al Qaeda operatives as if he is playing a video game? Isn't Gitmo still open for business? Hasn't Obama actually kept us safe these past 3 1/2 years? Wasn't that the litmus test during those eight long years when a certain republican was president? So long as you didn't count 9/11, right?

Anyone? Bueller? McFly? Hello?

When Obama announced that Bin Laden was sleeping with the fishes, the right-wingers came out and said he had nothing to do with it. In fact, they said it was insulting for him to gloat when it was all the Navy Seals' doing. But now, with Obama back in the game after debate number two and with the final debate tonight, the president is suddenly totally responsible and accountable for Benghazi and has blood on his hands on par with Macbeth.

You see, Republicans are hoping all of this makes us forget that Mitt Romney turned this whole Benghazi thing into a political event in the first place and that even the father of the slain ambassador said "it would be abhorrent to make this into a campaign issue." Republicans are also aware that Obama has quite a few foreign policy accomplishments to brag about.

Bottom line, all of this is just fodder for tonight's debate, and it's going to backfire on Republicans big-time. No matter what they throw at Obama, he will just deflect it right back onto Romney. Meanwhile, Romney is sure to say something else so ridiculous that it becomes the only thing remembered. For those keeping count, he is 2-for-2 so far.

And if Republicans think the undecideds are going to make up their minds based on all of this, I have two words for them: jobs report!

Lest we forget, there is one final jobs report coming out just four days before the election. If the unemployment rate is lower than 7.8%, or higher than that, then those very same undecideds will have just one response to the Benghazi question: Benghazi? Who's he? 

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