Tuesday, October 02, 2012

A great question to ask Mitt Romney

By Richard K. Barry

Come on, Mitt. Come to Papa.
You know you want to.

I think Andrew Sullivan is absolutely right on this. The best question that could be asked of Mitt Romney in tomorrow night's debate is this:

What are the main differences between your domestic and foreign policies and those of the last Republican president, George W. Bush?

Yes, I'm sure they're prepared for it and will do everything they can to avoid addressing it, but I still hope it gets asked.

If Mitt Romney's campaign is built on the state of the economy and the handling of two wars over the past four years, shouldn't he have to criticize not only the man in the White House most recently but also the man who got everything so screwed up at the outset?

More importantly, there is nothing that distinguishes current conservative orthodoxy from the old stuff beside the fact that they are a little crazier now. Shouldn't Mitt have to tell us why going back to the bad old days is such a good idea?

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