Friday, September 07, 2012

Bill Clinton is taking to the campaign trail

I've still got it.

If you are wondering what Bill Clinton's role in President Obama's campaign will be from here on out, BuzzFeed Politics reports that he will be a frequent presence on the campaign trail, focusing much of his effort in the Midwest.

This is according to Sen. Chuck Schumer. I'm not exactly sure why Schumer is the go-to guy for Bill's schedule, but apparently he has some inside knowledge.

If you were asleep last night, or maybe had some need to watch the New York Giants get embarrassed by the Dallas Cowboys, you might not know that, according to nearly everyone, Bill Clinton gave one of the most impressive political speeches ever heard as he nominated Barack Obama for a second term (unless you're Charles Krauthammer or Jennifer Rubin, in which case it was one of the worst political speeches ever heard).

As BuzzFeed reports:

Clinton's well-received speech Thursday night transformed him from an uneasy presidential ally into the central defender of Obama's record and promoter of his right to a second term. He is particularly effective for two reasons: His appeal to white working class Democrats who are this year's key swing voters; and the fact that many of the season's Republican attacks are based on allegations that Obama has broken with a more centrist Clinton legacy.

Schumer assures us that the message Clinton provided at the DNC, "he's gonna repeat across the country."

Thanks, Chuck.

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