Tuesday, May 22, 2012

What's the matter with Connecticut?

Things could get ugly-er.
Did Republicans in Connecticut completely forget the 2010 election? Based on their decision to endorse former professional wrestling promoter Linda McMahon to once again carry the banner for the state GOP as it attempts to capture the seat Joe Lieberman is vacating, it would seem that way.

You may recall that in 2010, in a very red year, McMahon spent $50 million of her own money to win a Connecticut Senate seat and still got beat by Richard Blumenthal. 
Last Friday, Connecticut Republicans had to choose between a well-known moderate, former Congressman Chris Shays, and McMahon, and they chose McMahon by 2-1.

The problem for the GOP is that a Quinnipiac poll shows Chris Shays in a dead heat with Democrat Chris Murphy, the likely Democratic nominee, while no other Republican is competitive.

Shays has filed papers to force a primary, which he is entitled to do based on his showing at the convention, though McMahon has understandably encouraged him to drop out and get behind her. The primary will take place on August 14.

McMahon could probably outspend God, and may be able to get past Shays, but 2012 is not going to be like 2010. She must love spending stacks of money in ultimately losing causes.

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