Saturday, May 19, 2012

It's becoming less likely that Hillary will be VP

I could make Bill Ambassador to Australia.
Just think about it.
Okay, I'm actually getting tired hearing myself say this, so when other people say it I don't quite know what to do. The "it" is that Barack Obama and Hilary Clinton would make a seriously powerful ticket come the fall. I have said in the past that if the Obama team really felt it needed a bump, it would not hesitate to find something else for Joe Biden to do. I guess there is still time to make that move, but I see it as less and less likely.

A couple of days ago, Carol Marin at the Chicago Sun-Times made a pitch centered around the fact that Obama and Clinton were going to be at a NATO Summit this weekend in Chicago. I'm not sure why that should change anything, but it got Ms. Marin excited.

There is no doubt that ever since Obama appointed Clinton to the Secretary of State job, the relationship has been wonderful, or, as Marin writes, "Obama has been appreciative and respectful. Clinton has been skillful and loyal. Together, they have done well." Yes, they have.

I supposed what I see is that Hillary Clinton, building on her massive accomplishments before joining Obama's Cabinet, has been maybe a little too masterful in her role as Secretary of State. Any way you slice it, she is a huge presence. And then there's that husband of hers. I don't think either of them would be a problem for Obama should it happen, against my instincts, that she be tapped for second in command. I simply think it's a headache neither Obama nor his team wants. Second banana is second banana.

The only caveat is, as I say, if they really think they need her to win. I don't think they do. I don't think they think they do. In a lot of ways, it's too bad. As a political junkie, it would be exciting and position her to run in 2016. Without that, I suspect someone like Andrew Cuomo would be a more likely choice.

The other consideration is that Biden may end up being a very important strength in the campaign as he presents the working class / middle class antidote to Romney's elitism. Joe did well at that a few days ago and will likely continue to play that role.

What can I say? I'm a Hillary Clinton fan, but I think her illustrious career in politics may be coming to an end. I'm not worried, though. She'll find something.

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  • Obama is the one who should resign and let Hillary be the nominee.He's going to lose big!HILLARY 2012!

    By Anonymous Anonymous, at 1:23 PM  

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