Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Barack and Bill, on our stage tonight

I just love this guy!

Politicians are just not normal. They're not. The fact that two people who otherwise cannot stand to be in same state but find a way to smile and hold hands and pat each other on the back when duty calls proves the point. It's not that we haven't all had to work with people we dislike, but how many of us have had to hug and kiss people we don't like on stage or on camera? Think about that.

Now, I have no idea how Bill Clinton and Barack Obama really feel about each other, but I got one of those e-mails today from "my friend Barack" claiming that Bill is just about the greatest statesman and political leader this country has ever had, and that Barack decided to run for the presidency to continue Bill's legacy. As I recall, Bill had other thoughts about who should continue his legacy, but I digress.

Now they, Bill and Barack, are campaigning together and we all remember how tense things got in 2008. Did they ever get tense.

This is not big news. It's just politics. But, like I said, politicians are not like other people. They are not normal.

We know this, but it still amazes.

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