Saturday, January 14, 2012

Priscilla Ahn: "Dream"

After a busy week of blogging, with our attention focused on ugly things like vulture capitalism and the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, let's slow things down tonight with the very lovely Priscilla Ahn, a young singer-songwriter with one of the most ethereally beautiful voices I've ever heard.

This song, "Dream," is from her debut album, 2008's A Good Day. I'd say it's the best song (and it's my favourite of her songs), but the album, an exceptionally mature combination of confidence and vulnerability, has a lot to recommend it. Her iTunes Live Session, which also features "Dream," is excellent. I don't quite like her second album, 2011's When You Grow Up, as much as her first, but it is nonetheless a strong effort showing her to be maturing artist with enormous talent.

Ahn isn't widely known, perhaps, but she has appeared on The Tonight Show and her songs have been featured on numerous TV shows, including Grey's Anatomy, and in numerous films, including Disturbia. She deserves a wider audience. Let's hope she gets one.

Enjoy. And have a good night. We'll be back to the ugly in the morning.


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