Monday, January 16, 2012

Craziest Republican of the Day: Tim Scott

Via twitter: 

"The greatest minority under attack today are Christians. No doubt about it," says Rep. Tim Scott. 

-- Michelle Goldberg (@michelleinbklyn)

Oh, totally. I mean, just consider the bigoted virulence of the war against same-faith marriage. No way we can have crazy evangelicals and Catholics procreating within the confines of a state-sanctioned union.

And no way can we have Christians building community centers in the rough vicinity of Ground Zero. Not to mention all that ugly profiling of Christians at airports. Terrorists they are, what with their "Sunday schools" and "Bible camps."

They're on the margins, these "God"-fearin', Tebow-lovin' wackos.

Thank "God" they have no voice in politics.

Thank "God" they have no power.

Thank "God" there isn't a major political party that has made the establishment of Christian theocracy a core element of its platform, with leading figures all across the country dedicated to an extremist Christian agenda.

Today should absolutely be called Martin Luther Day instead. These poor, oppressed Jesus freaks have a dream too!

This self-denying, reality-denying African-American Republican totally has a point.

Thanks, Rep. Scott!

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