Friday, August 19, 2011

Eli Manning's 25 INTs in 2010, with hope for better things to come

By Richard K. Barry (with Michael J.W. Stickings)

From time to time this year we are going to amuse ourselves and hopefully others by writing about football (the American variety) at The Reaction. (You may already have noticed that we are also writing about that other game that many call football.)

And though it is still August, the National Football League regular season is really only a few weeks away. If you visit this site at all, you may know that I am a New York Giants fan. I have suffered with them over the years and celebrated when appropriate. (It seems as well that a Pittsburgh Steelers fan posts here every now and then, but he's not around this week so we don't have to worry about that).

Actually, I got back from vacation yesterday evening -- just in time to watch the Steelers trounce the detestable Eagles, a team both of us loathe. (And I'll get back to regular blogging soon.) -- MJWS

I like the Giants' quarterback, Eli Manning. I don't love him. But I like him well enough and think he is a solid, top-tier quarterback. Maybe no Tom Brady, but top-tier.

Wait... what? Top-tier? He's not even top-tier at a family reunion. I can name 28 QBs who are better than he is. Okay, maybe not that many. But he's not top 15 for me, or maybe just barely.

Last year Eli had 25 interceptions. That's a pretty big number. A bunch of these were tipped balls and blown routes, but a bunch more were just bad decisions.

Bad, very bad. Same old story, year after year.

Some helpful soul put together a video of all 25, which I post below. If you dislike the Giants, you may enjoy it for that reason. If you are a fan, it may remind you that with fewer INTs and fumbles in 2011, the G-Men should contend.

I don't dislike them all that much, but I'll certainly enjoy this, being not a fan of the Mannings.

I hope and pray.

Go Steelers!

(Cross-posted at Lippmann's Ghost.)


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  • Hard video to watch as a giants fan. My 'favorite' is the flip in the end zone ... that was 'Dubya' dumb. Fingers crossed for this year!

    By Anonymous chris, at 3:04 PM  

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