Friday, June 24, 2011

Herman Cain claims Jon Stewart criticized him because he's black. Seriously.

Earlier this month, ThinkProgress reported that GOP presidential candidate Herman Cain told an audience in Pella, Iowa that he would not sign a bill longer than three pages. (Cain later said he was "exaggerating.")

Jon Stewart picked up on the story, imitating Cain and joking that if Cain was president he would require everything to be shorter: "Treaties will have to fit on the back of a cereal box... The State of the Union Address will be delivered in the form of a fortune cookie." You can watch the segment here. (Chris Wallace later replayed the segment during Stewart's appearance on Fox News Sunday.)

Speaking Wednesday at the Iowa Falls Fire Department, Herman Cain lashed out at Jon Stewart, claiming that Stewart was only targeting him "because I'm black."

Right, because if you watch the show, and if you know anything at all about Jon Stewart, you'll certainly know that he's a racist bigot who targets blacks.

He doesn't make funny voices for anyone else, nor does he ever joke about non-blacks. Like, you know, he never ever makes fun of Jews like himself.

The crazy thing is, Fox News viewers probably think this is true.

Then again, Fox News viewers are, oh, a tad misinformed.

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