Monday, April 04, 2011

Torpedo of truth: Charlie Sheen bombs

I have no interesting discussing Charlie Sheen's disastrous show in Detroit on Saturday. Honestly, what did you expect?

There is still widespread fascination, most of it alarmingly lurid, in all things Charlie Sheen, but he's clearly out of his mind (drug-induced or otherwise). How's that for a diagnosis?

Okay, how about this one? If he's not out of his mind, he's full of shit (and parading his shit as empowerment, what with all that ridiculously stupid "winning" talk).

And it's disturbing that not just the media but so many in the public are lapping it up.

And, really, you paid good money and got shafted, and maybe you booed and ended up walking out? Again, what did you expect? You're a fool.

Anyway, if you want some reaction to the show, I encourage you to check out my friend Joe Gandelman's link-filled round-up over at The Moderate Voice.

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