Friday, November 12, 2010

Still. The. Worst. Ever.

Jacob Weisberg at Slate, on Bush's new "memoir," Decision Points:

[T]he book also has Bush's weaknesses: It is superficial, simplistic, and impatient to be finished. He leaps to conclusions without apparent thought or evidence. Bush's capable former speechwriter Chris Michel has done an impressive job structuring a readable narrative around a series of major events. But if he leads his old boss to water, he can't make him think. Because Bush is intellectually and emotionally incapable of truly reconsidering the past, his memoir fails to make a case that we should reconsider our view of him. 

It's not a book we really needed, is it? And there's really no need even to engage with it, try as Bush might to defend himself as "The Decider."

What's the point?

While he may be focusing on his legacy (and on trying to make it positive) "to the exclusion of any other useful contribution to society," he remains, and will remain, one of the worst presidents ever -- if not the worst.

Dubya in Dallas, signing copies of his book. Photo from The Globe and Mail.

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