Saturday, March 27, 2010

Wall Street reform

By Creature

Dodd keeps talking the talk but I'm still waiting for the walking part. Too-big-to-fail forever.

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  • Look, I'm a Texas Republican, but I have family who are Democrats. I served in the Army for Presidents of both political parties for 20 years. I had a buddy when I was on hippy commune in the 70s who was a member of SDS Weatherman who was on his way go firebomb a building in the 60s but changed his mind when he stopped and thought about it. We're all being manipulated by those who want us to hate each other in both political parties run by rich lawyers with agendas and issues of their own we really don't know. We all do what we feel is in our self-interest or to protect the people we care about. Don't steriotype. That's shooting blind and manipulates us into not thinking. We're all individual human beings before anything else.

    By Blogger Jim in Texas, at 10:23 PM  

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