Saturday, March 27, 2010

Memo to Teabaggers

By Carl 

Moar, please?

Between the death threats, the vandalism, and the bigotry, you give me and the rest of the left wing of this nation comfort in your hour of pain.

You can spin your viciousness and terrorism anyway you want to, but the simple truth is, you're nothing but a bunch of pantywaist little girls who lost your Barbie dolls because Mommy and Daddy decided to teach you a lesson, and gave her to the nice girl down the street who has very little to begin with.

Instead of viewing this as an act of Christian kindness, you choose to view it through a lens of entitlement. Instead of accepting the consequences of running this nation into the ground by supporting a dimwit conservative who wholeheartedly embraced a conservative agenda until even that low-level moron realized how much damage he had caused this once-great and powerful nation, you choose now to have some sort of "uprising," believing your positions of entitlement in the mainstream media and in low-levels of power will protect you.


And you, my friends, are committing treason. How do we know this is treason? Osama bin Laden tells us so. If you do not stand with America, stand with this president, you stand against us.

By all means, please dehumanize people that are duly elected and legally represent citizens of this nation.

To feel superior to another group of people is to be, by definition, dehumanized. It's a relativistic notion. To the people making the threats, the other group is dehumanized by being lesser. To an outside observer, the people making the comments believe they are somehow superior to a group of "normal" people, so they have dehumanized themselves into beings differentiated by some subjective notion of being better than normal.

Now, the psychology for why this happens goes over my head, but I believe it because it has a ring of truth for me: you can't dehumanize someone else without dehumanizing yourself.

It takes a little piece of your soul to do this. Think of it in terms of war. Soldiers have to dehumanize the enemy, else they'll go fucking nuts over murdering people.

Think about that for a second: in order to actually kill someone on the other side, a soldier has to go through a process where they stifle the very human emotions of regret and fear.

You HAVE to dehumanize in order to get your point across and dehumanization is a very immature action.

You guys aren't the first, by the way. There is actually a recent precedent in American politics for the Teabaggers: the George Wallace faction.

They were perhaps the most powerful independent political force in the 20th century, even more influential than Ross Perot's gang of idiots.

They were, of course, eventually absorbed into the Republican party, but since they're already there now (basically the same people: angry white Southerners and Westerners), where could they go? They have no power on their own, so they will quietly fold up their tents and what's left of them will return to the GOP.

You folks haven't risen to the level of the Weather Underground or even the Black Panthers, two groups who were front and center during the violence of the '60s and '70s and which were roundly harassed by law enforcement officials until they were forced to discontinue their activities.

Yet. But you will, that much is clear from the overheated rhetoric and incremental violence.

Neither the WU nor the Panthers were ever so closely tied to the Democratic Party (LBJ was, after all, a Democrat), so when they went down, they went down by their lonesome. But when YOU folks go down, you'll take an entire political party with you, along with collateral damage to Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sarah Palin, and Fox News.

This is why I take comfort in your desperation.

So, by all means, keep up the good work! We look forward to your demise and dissolution!

(Cross-posted to Simply Left Behind.)

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