Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Back home, blogging and tweeting

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Well, I'm back home again after a lovely 2-week-plus vacation on Prince Edward Island, settling back into the old routine, back to normalcy. (But, then, what is "normal"?)

I'll have some posts up later tonight, or, if not, tomorrow, but be sure to check back for more from my fantastic co-bloggers and contributors. I thank them profusely for stepping up during my absence, especially Creature for making sure everything ran smoothly. I was able to blog a few times, but it was nice to take the time off without having to worry about this place. It was in good hands.

You may also notice, if you look over to the top of the right sidebar, that I'm now -- gasp! -- on Twitter. (Yes, I've succumbed.) What I post there will, apparently, be posted here, but only the most recent five tweets, and I invite you to follow me there, where I hope to tweet regularly. (It is surely a Sign of the Apocalypse that "tweet" and "twitter" have entered our vocabulary like this.) What could be better than the wit and wisdom, such as it is, of yours truly in 140 characters or less? (Yes, I know, a lot of things are better than that, but follow me anyway. The more the merrier. So spread the word. You can find me @mjwstickings -- or just click on the link.)

See you later.

-- Michael

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