Thursday, March 12, 2009

Stewart KOs Cramer (and CNBC)

By Michael J.W. Stickings

We'll have the video for you ASAP.

My immediate reaction is: Wow. Incredible. This was Jon Stewart at his absolute best. Anyone who thinks he's just a funny man, a comedian, the host of a faux news show, watch this, and learn from it. There was more truth here than there's ever been at CNBC, and certainly more than there is anywhere else in the media, anywhere in "serious" news.

Cramer admitted he isn't Murrow. No kidding. Stewart exposed Cramer for what he is, CNBC for what it is -- and pretty much the entire market for what it is.

Brilliant. Brilliant. Brilliant.

The media were playing this up as a war of two prominent television personalities. To the extent that it was, and the media were making far too much of it, it wasn't even close.

(Photo: The Globe and Mail, with an article on the Stewart-Cramer "feud.")

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