Thursday, March 12, 2009

Metaphors instead of policy

By Creature

I don't quite understand how Republicans can scream that Obama is distracted, that he needs to be focused like a laser beam on saving the economy, while at the same time making ridiculous comments about too much spending. Yesterday it was John Boehner's spending freeze, today it's Mitch McConnell's ludicrous claim that since Obama's been in office he's spent $1 billion an hour.

Wasn't the entire point of this spending to help the ailing economy?

As Steve Benen says, "Instead of trying to come up with policy solutions, Republican leader are trying to come up with metaphors." When all a party has is metaphors then any criticism by them should be discounted and their seat at the table removed. And, if they insist on being seated at the table, then they should be strapped into high chairs, given Crayolas, and anything they create be hung on the Capital fridge to humor them (though, even that may be too much consideration given).

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