Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Craziest Republican of the Day: Jon Huntsman

By Michael J.W. Stickings

From TNR's Jason Zengerle:

Utah Governor Jon Huntsman (who, needless to say, is a Republican, not to mention a potential 2012 presidential candidate) has come out in favor of gay civil unions. It's not gay marriage, but it is Utah.

It is indeed, a deeply conservative state, and yet what Huntsman is taking a pretty progressive position on one of the right's key wedge issues. For that, he deserves our admiration.

But is he crazy, or what?

First, does he know what state he's from (the Mormon Church was one of the major opponents of California's Prop 8 and by an overwhelming margin most Utahans oppose civil unions)? Second, does he know what party he belongs to (forget marriage, even civil unions don't fly with most Republicans)? Third, does he really have future political aspirations (he would be mercilessly attacked by the right, and by the right's preferred candidates, in 2012, or whenever, for adopting a heterodox position like this)?

Still good for Huntsman for changing his mind and having the courage to stand up against bigotry in a state that is, without question, full of it.

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