Wednesday, January 23, 2008

"A bomb on the road of reconciliation"

By Creature

WaPo: Iraq's New Law on Ex-Baathists Could Bring Another Purge

"This is a bomb on the road of reconciliation," said Kareem, a former director general in the ministry. "This law does not bring anything new. This does not serve national reconciliation that all Iraqis are hoping for. On the contrary, it envisions hostility, hatred, discrimination and sectarian strife."

Since the announcement of the new re-Baathification law the Bush administration and all those heavily invested in the fairy tale of the surge's success have been touting its passage as a sign that political reconciliation is indeed moving forward in Iraq and that this political progress is further evidence for perpetual war. As the WaPo reports today, the truth is considerably less hopeful, to say the least. Either way, I'm sure the surge cheerleaders will soon rein in their happy talk and correct the record. Well, soon as in never and correct as in ignore. Mission accomplished.

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