Friday, November 02, 2007

No child's left behind unspanked?

By Carl

Simply Left Behind: The 2007 Weblog Awards


Given the way Michelle Malkin and other Orcs of the Right Wing went after those two kids who made commercials in favor of SCHIP, do you think they'll spend a moment trying to track down the identity of the kid who caused the single most destructive fire in American history?

Minutes after the fire broke out, Conner said, she had raced up a hill toward the source of the flames. At the top, she saw a stunned-looking 10-year-old boy and his parents frantically trying to beat the flames down with towels.

"There's no reason to talk to other people," Conner, a horse trainer at the ranch where the fire started, recalled telling arson investigators. "You need to go straight up the road and talk to that boy."

The 10-year-old quickly admitted he had been playing with matches.

On Thursday, as authorities considered whether to file criminal charges, neighbors gave conflicting accounts of the boy's behavior.

Denise Tomey, who runs the Carousel Ranch where the boy lived in a small trailer with his family, described him as a quiet child who often played outside with his brother and the family's small white and tan dog, Spike.

"From what I know, he's a good kid," said Tomey, executive director of the ranch, which provides riding lessons to developmentally disabled children. The boy's father tends horses there and the boy attends a nearby school.

"He's a child and I certainly believe that he had no malice, and I absolutely believe it was accidental," Tomey said.

The short answer: No.

Can you say "white Republican offspring"? I knew that you could...

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