Friday, November 17, 2006

More on tasers

By Heraclitus

Unfortunately, I effed up the link for the letter to send the UCLA and the mayor of LA in my earlier post on police brutality at UCLA. This link will work; it will take you to an action alert, and with one click, you're at the page for the letter. I really encourage everyone to send the letter. Based on the chancellor's latest statement (also note that the chancellor of UCLA doesn't know the meaning of the word "transpire"), it looks like he may well try to defend the brutality, or sweep it under the rug, in the belief that this will be best for the UCLA brand (heads of universities are essentially second-rate corporate functionaries). There needs to be enough pressure brought upon the university that the chancellor understands that UCLA's reputation will suffer far worse if he does not take decisive action against police brutality in an effing university library.

Meanwhile, a commenter on the earlier post notes that the security officers involved were real police, not, as I had put it, "rent-a-pigs." Via Michael
Bérubé (comment #29), Digby discusses the wider trend of police using tasers, often rather nonchalantly. This wouldn't be such a problem if they didn't have this nasty tendency to kill people. In These Times has more.

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