Thursday, November 30, 2006

Links on immigration and Darfur

By Heraclitus

Amanda Marcotte calls our attention to the similarities between anti-immigration rhetoric here in the US and Nazi propaganda. A judge in Brooklyn is self-publishing a children's book comparing illegal immigrants (or is it just all immigrants?) to weeds choking the life out of plants that, for some reason, are more deserving of that life. The whole post is absolutely worth reading, but here's a sample:

I find myself drawn to having to write about this, because the escalation of fascist, genocidal rhetoric alarms me to no end. Scapegoating Mexican immigrants for our economic woes just like the Germans went after the Jews for theirs is a parallel that should make any thinking person’s blood run cold. This particular metaphor—the image of Mexican immigrants literally starving out white Americans—is especially brainless hate, since illegal immigrants provide so much cheap labor to grow, pick and process that cheap ass food that the delicate hothouse flowers-cum-sphincters like Wilson are clogging their arteries with. Mexican immigrants aren’t starving us, dipshits, they’re feeding us. And for bad wages and even worse work conditions a great deal of the time.

Meanwhile, The Quaker Agitator has a series of important updates on Darfur (h/t: Zuky). You can just click on the link in his name and scroll down, or click here and here. He also has a post entitled "Darfur: What you can do (for starters)," which lists a series of online resources for advocates for Darfur and advice on organizing on their behalf. Meanwhile, about the UN Human Rights Council's refusal even to pass a resolution calling on the Sudanese government to prosecute those responsible for the war crimes in Darfur (how chickenshit can you get?), quakerdave has this to say:

In other words, this Council is now thoroughly and utterly discredited. Those who continue to benefit financially from their cozy relationship with the genocidal dictatorship which is the Khartoum government have further stoked the funeral pyres of those who will continue to die at Khartoum's filthy, bloody hands. The folks at the United Nations sure do talk a good game about "never again," but then they whore themselves out to the highest bidder and let the killing of the innocents continue. And our president and his "secretary of state" stay predictably silent. As per usual. Shame on all of them.

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