Saturday, November 18, 2006

James Inhofe is an even more dangerous idiot than I thought

By Michael J.W. Stickings

Sen. James Inhofe — thankfully the outgoing chair of the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee — on FOX & Friends yesterday morning:

Now look, God’s still up there. We still have these natural changes, and this is what’s going on right now. New science comes out…

If the northern hemisphere is warming up, it’s not due to manmade gases. And that’s what these people all come to the conclusion. And yet the other side, the far left, the George Soros, the Hollywood elitists, the far left environmentalists on the committee that I chair — all of them want us to believe the science is settled and it’s not.

By the way, there’s all kinds of new things. Gretchen, you’ll enjoy this. Get your violin out and get ready. They came out with a great discovery just a few weeks ago. And this came from the geophysical research letters and you know what they said? Hold on now! They said the warming is due to the sun. Isn’t that remarkable?

Come on, FOX, tell us. It’s remarkable, right? It’s true, right?


BRIAN: That’s a Fox News alert.

GRETCHEN: That is a Fox News alert.

That’s how it went. I kid you not. Think Progress has the video and the transcript along with a reminder that pretty much every serious climatological scientist thinks that human activity has been a major cause of global warming.

Inhofe thinks it’s all a hoax. But the joke — and the tragedy — will be on all of us.

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  • I think that if we got to examine the entire package of his beliefs, we might find a great deal to laugh about.

    Solar output has not changed in a long time, but as with all things, the fewer the facts, the stronger the opinions.

    You can't change these people, you can't fix stupid, you probably can't fix dishonest either and since you usually can't put them up against a wall or do any of the things they dream about doing to the rest of us, we have to work very hard to keep them out of positions of control.

    By Blogger Capt. Fogg, at 1:32 PM  

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