Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Call me Secretary

One of our good friends, The Fixer of Alternate Brain, wonders what his cabinet would look like if he were elected president from the Blogger Party. Well, here it is:

Vice President - Pam Spaulding
Secretary of State - Michael J.W. Stickings
Secretary of the Treasury - Brad DeLong
Attorney General - Christy Hardin Smith
Secretary of the Interior - Gordon
Secretary of Agriculture - Radical Russ
Secretary of Commerce - Mrs. Fixer
Secretary of Labor - DBK (Froggy)
Secretary of Defense - Cdr. Jeff Huber
Secretary of Housing and Urban Development - Scout Prime
Secretary of Transportation - 42
Secretary of Energy - Michael Hawkins
Secretary of Health and Human Services - Shakespeare's Sister
Secretary of Education - PZ Myers
Secretary of Veterans Affairs - Jo Fish
Secretary of Homeland Security - Larry C. Johnson
Press Secretary - Jane Hamsher
Ambassador to the U.N. - Roxanne

Advisers to the President:
For the Arts and Humanities - Mimus Pauly/Patrick
For High Technology - Badtux the Geeky Penguin
For International Relations - Eponymous/Juan Cole
For Womens Issues - Blondie (Blondsense Liz)/AOB
For Racial Issues - Steve Gilliard
For LGBT Issues - Genia Stevens
For Religious Issues - The Green Knight
On the Environment - Grannyinsanity

And what does the president think of his cabinet? "Now that's a progressive White House. Whatever you think, I'll betcha we do a better job than the bunch that's in there now."

Agreed. And I'm greatly honoured to be a part of it. Now, the fact that I was born in Montreal and hold dual Canadian and British citizenship might be held against me, but why not allow a non-American to run Foggy Bottom? At least I could get along with the rest of the world.

Besides, I have a solid group of co-bloggers and guest bloggers here who would do well in high-profile ambassadorships. Creature would like to be sent somewhere warm and sunny... uh, Iraq? Could I do that do him? Vivek went to Oxford. He'd be happy to return to England, I'm sure. The LGND? Paris? My brother James lives in England but was born in Canada. Perhaps he'd like a stint in Ottawa. Mr. Pierce could be an at-large ambassador for all things cultural and literary. And Grace... No, let's send Grace to Ottawa, where she has some connections, and send James to Africa. Yes, the whole continent. He's been there and could do a good job representing America's interests (in a positive way, without abusing that oft-neglected part of the world).

So -- Thank you, President Fixer. I'm confident we'd do well.

If only.

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