Friday, May 19, 2006

I'll pay for the one-way ticket to Florida

By Creature

So, I'm making my blog/news rounds hoping that something grabs me before I shut dowm for the evening. Just pretty much winding down from being wound up all week. Then I read this: The interview is with Donald "I-will-never-stand-down" Rumsfeld, the topic is Iraq. And in case you didn't catch that - THE TOPIC IS IRAQ. And go...
O’REILLY: No, they can’t lose militarily, but it’s cost the United States taxpayer about $400 billion up this point.

RUMSFELD: Think of what 9/11 cost us. Wouldn’t you rather fight those people over there instead of fighting them here?

The emphasis is mine, the absolute idiocy is Rummy's. I've said this before, and I don't want to say it again, BUT it looks like I have to... would you please, once and for all, RETIRE THAT DAMN LINE! Here's what I said a few months back:

[T]hat over-there-not-over-here line simply has to be put to bed. Done, over, retire the line. Take its license away. It's old, it's used, and it's flat out wrong.

Does anyone, besides 34% 29% of the American people, believe that by us going there, to Iraq, that we are any safer here, at home? Is it not possible that Osama has enough sickos, and more importantly, enough patience to carry out another attack here? Please. Our unprovoked attack, on a mostly defenseless nation, has increased the ire of thousands of middle-of-the-road Muslim men inciting them to take up the fight. We have not been attacked here because we have been lucky, not because we are over there, and certainly not because of George W. Bush.

So, please, enough already. Put that line out to pasture and find another excuse for our illegal invasion of Iraq. Maybe one that sprinkles in the truth. Maybe one that includes the words grudge, hubris, empire and greed.

I can't believe I really had to go through that again. On a Friday no less, with the Mrs. due home any moment. Jeez, now I'm gonna be all surly.

Thanks for nothing Think Progress. You really know how to push my buttons.

(Cross-posted at State of the Day.)

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