Saturday, April 08, 2006

Queen Jenna

By Creature

Maureen Dowd wins the newly minted Creature Quote Award for best quote regarding the whole Bush I-am-the-leaker affair. Maureen, the floor is yours:

Really, W. should fire himself. He swore to look high and low for the scurrilous leaker and, lo and behold, he has himself in custody. Since the Bush administration is basically a monarchy, he should pass the crown to Jenna. She couldn't do worse than this bunch of airheads and bullies.

Maureen also provides us with a talking point to counter the rabid right-wing spin:

If the administration were seriously trying to declassify something in the national interest, wouldn't it have President Bush explain his decision or have his Scottish terrier yip it out from the podium, rather than having Scooter whisper it in Judy's ear?

That is the bottom line. If it was so important to rebut Joe Wilson, then just come out and do it. No secrets needed. However, rebutting was not enough for these criminals. No, they wanted Wilson destroyed, and that meant bringing down his wife as well. Dick Cheney was angry that his office, that he, was being touted by Wilson as the impetus for his trip to Niger. Dick Cheney would not let that stand. I imagine stomping feet, chest beating, explicatives being tossed, a fist on a table, a pace-maker zap, and finally the word goes out: "Destroy Joe Wilson."

For more Dowd, here is the evil pay-to-view TimesSelect link. For free Dowd, go here.

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