Friday, March 10, 2006


Voting for the Koufax Awards continues but will soon end. The following is reprinted from an earlier post.

Scroll down for new posts on Portgate, Putin's Russia, the global water crisis, and auto-flush toilets.


I'm pleased to tell you that The Reaction been nominated in five categories:

I should also mention that The Moderate Voice, where I'm a co-blogger, has been nominated for Best Group Blog. I'm also singling out The Carpetbagger Report for Best Blog (Non-Professional) -- although there are many great blogs nominated in every category.

Should you care to vote for me (or to vote for someone else), click on these links individually and cast your vote in the Comments section of each individual category post at Wampum -- or click
here, then to each category post.


All I can say is that I don't expect to get through this round. It's clear that some bloggers have launched aggressive campaigns to secure votes. I haven't.

But, you know what, that's fine. The best thing about the Koufax Awards has been the opportunity to discover some great blogs and to get to know many of my fellow bloggers out there. The expansion of my blogroll in recent weeks very much reflects my newfound appreciation for the wonderful community of blogs and bloggers brought together by these awards.

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