Thursday, March 23, 2006

Feingold on Stewart


Check The Daily Show and Crooks and Liars for video if and when it becomes available.

Jon on Feingold's censure resolution: "This feels like some attempt at accountability." Sometimes no one says it better than Jon Stewart. He's exactly right.


C&L has the latest anti-Feingold GOP ad here -- yes, he's being swift-boated.

And, tip o' the hat to C&L once again, see this brilliant post by Glenn Greenwald here. It's our Must-Read of the Day, and here's a key passage:

It may be the case that in 2003, there was a rational argument to make that political calculations militated against standing up to the President's law-breaking. The fantasies of Bush followers notwithstanding, it is not 2003 anymore. It is long past time for Democrats to stand up to and firmly oppose the most radical elements of this Administration. And there are few elements more radical than the President's deliberate decision to break the law.

Which is precisely what Jon Stewart was getting at.

Democrats? Anyone?

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