Friday, February 10, 2006

Gretzky the Great Gambling One

No, there's no evidence that Wayne Gretzky was directly involved in fellow Phoenix Coyotes coach and former NHLer Rich Tocchet's recently exposed gambling ring, but wiretap evidence (presumably not acquired in circumvention of FISA, that is, in blatant disregard for the law, but you never know) shows that he knew about his wife Janet's involvement in it and tried to find a way to prevent her from being implicated.

(The Toronto Star reports here, ESPN here.)

Oops. So much of Gretzky's non-denial denial on Wednesday.

And what of Janet Jones's, uh, problem? It is being reported that she bet $75,000 on last weekend's Super Bowl alone -- big money even for someone married to The Great One.

As a Canadian, I'm more or less required to like Gretzky. He's an icon, an institution, the saviour of hockey. But this looks pretty bad, does it not?

Not that I'm rushing to judgement or anything.

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