Monday, December 12, 2005

Sign of the Apocalypse #28: Heidi's Stud Farm

Alas, Heidi Fleiss is back in the news. Madam Heidi is looking to set up an all-male bordello (for women) in the Nevada desert, 80 miles northwest of Las Vegas. Newsweek has the story here.

And here's what we're looking at: "This pleasure palace will be shaped like a castle, with a marble-floored great room, a spa, a sex-toy shop and secluded bungalows where 20 Casanovas will spend quality time with the clientele (at $250 an hour)."

Ouch, pretty steep -- but what do I know?

Still, I suppose it's only fair that women should have their bordellos, too. Why should only men be able to enjoy the particular pleasures (whatever they are) of paid-for sex in the kitschy confines of an upscale Nevada whorehouse?

I'm not sure if the SOTA is this new twist on the bordello or the fact that Heidi Fleiss is back in the news. As concerned as I am about the proliferation of vulgarity in our culture, I'd say it's likely the latter. I'd be much happier if, say, Peggy Noonan was running the show.

Regardless, there's just something apocalyptic about the whole thing, isn't there?

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