Monday, November 21, 2005

America's moral responsibility in Iraq

Andrew Sullivan responds to this excellent piece by John Burns in the Times. To quote Andrew: "One thing I wish were more insisted upon. It's not just that we have no interest in seeing Iraq degenerate into a brutal civil and possibly regional war. By removing Saddam, we created this vacuum. We own it. We have a moral responsibility to see this through." (OxBlog responds.)

I sympathize with those who are calling for U.S. forces to be withdrawn, from Cindy Sheehan to Jack Murtha, but the job must be finished first -- that is, Iraq must be firmly stabilized. As I've said before, the consequences of not finishing the job could turn out to be even worse than the gross injustices of this war.

(The graphic above is from the Times. Credits can be found at the John Burns piece linked above.)

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